Materials we use & why the make a difference. Reform our homes, Reform our planet.


Our Packaging

We use only paper & card as it is bio - degradable & recyclable. We minimise any unnecessary packaging where we can & avoid glues, seals & foils.

Dish Cloths

70% Cellulose  |  30% Cotton

Our cloths have been manufactured to be
bio - degradable so they break down naturally when you are finished with them. They are washing machine and dish washer safe and can be re used multiple times. These Cloths are made with 100% natural & renewable materials.

natural products

Tea Towels

55% Linen  |  45% Cotton

We have created these tea towels with a cotton, linen blend. Making them long lasting, durable & lint free. 100% natural & renewable materials.

Bin Liners

These bags are made from corn starch & are certified compostable in the home & industrially. Polyethylene free. 100% natural & renewable.