Rapid Antigen Test Kit - 5 Pack

Rapid Antigen Test Kit - 5 Pack

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The supply of Rapid Antigen test Kits in New Zealand can only be made to a registered business or an authorised person, as per the current Ministry of Health regulations. Please prepare to provide your NZBN.

Pack Includes
• Test Cassettes
• Swab inside sealed wrapper
• Test Cassette in sealed pouch
• Plastic waste bag
• Extraction tube with buffer
• Nozzle cap
• Extraction tube holder

Test Type
Anterior nasal

Result Time
15 mins. Results must be read within 20 mins. 

Accuracy (Overall)

Sensitivity (Accuracy in detecting positive results)

2-30 °C

Shelf Life
24 Months

Approved by:
• Test has Ministry of Health approval.
• International bodies approval, including AU (ARTG 334505) and MHRA. 

What is Rapid Antigen Test?
 A Covd-19 screening tool that looks for viral protein fragments.
 An exceptionally quick Covid-19 testing method – receive your results in 15 minutes.
 Very easy to use – using a simple nasal mucous swab and cassette, you can perform the test and read results yourself.
 Unlike normal Covid PCR tests which are processed in a lab, Rapid Antigen testes are self-administered.
 Rapid Antigen testing is not recommended as a diagnostic measure. Instead, they offer an excellent risk control to add to an organisations existing Covid-19 Risk Mitigation process.

Benefits of Rapid Antigen testing in  to your workplace
 Allow for early detection of the most infectious Covid-19 cases, before they show symptoms – catching and preventing transmission in your workplace.
 Receive results in 15 minutes – far faster than the PCR test method & stand down period.
 Live, real-time data around Covid-19 risks put employers in control.
 Cost effective - instant results remove the need for stand-down periods of self-isolation.
 Ideal companion for testing high risk staff through regular surveillance programs.